The subsidiary GME of WFC of EFORT Group, was awarded the “Best Quality Supplier” by Fiat Chrysler Group
2019-06-13 Read:7317second

On June 13, 2019, the subsidiary GME of WFC of EFORT  was awarded the Fiat Chrysler Group (FCA) "2019 CAPEX Investment Best Quality Supplier". 


Mr. Erminio Ceresa, Chairman of WFC Group, attended the meeting

The WFC Group, which focuses on the automotive, rail transit and aviation sectors of the EFORT , has won this honor with its excellent technical strength, mature turnkey solution and perfect service system .And it will highlight the confidence and strength of participating in the international high-end robotic system integration market competition.


About WFC Group

As one of the best automotive equipment and robotic system integrators, WFC Group has more than 20 years of core technology and rich project experience in the automotive body-in-white, rail transit and general aviation industries. It has several subsidiaries and production bases in Italy, Poland, Brazil and India, and they are the first-tier suppliers of many well-known automobile companies such as Fiat, Chrysler, Volkswagen and GM.

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