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Evolut  was established in 1990,  located in Brescia, Italy. It is a well-known automation system integrator in the general industrial field in Europe. It is a strategic partner of ABB and KUKA in Europe. It also maintains a good cooperative relationship with YASKAWA, OMRON and FANUC.

The company has a wide range of robotic automation applications in the automotive parts industry, foundry industry and other general industrial fields, such as handling inspection, machine management, casting line, grinding and polishing, etc., with rich experience in design, installation, commissioning and maintenance. It offers 3,000 different automation application scenarios for the customer with extensive automation system integration capabilities.

The  main technology accumulation and application support comes from the key process precipitation of the automotive, foundry and other industries. On this basis, the design concepts of automation and informationization, the development and application of vision systems, off-line programming and simulation technology are integrated in the project. In the process of integration and control, we can solve the problem of automatic upgrade of complex industrial sites for customers.

Evolut is a joint venture established by EFORT and EVOLUT in 2016.The company is located in Wuhu. It combines the advantages of both China and Italy to undertake the successful application experience of EVOLUT in the field of industrial automation, visual technology, measurement technology, engineering design concept as the main work, and dedicated to the domestic customer to create an internationally high level of automation system as the main work target.

Since its establishment in 2016, Evolut has built automation systems and production lines for more than 100 domestic customers, contributing to the automation upgrade of traditional industrial production in China,and has also won customers recognition.On the basis of these experiences and achievements, it will continue to do a good job of digesting and absorbing, integrating development, further upgrading its technical level and integration capabilities, accelerating the introduction and landing of advanced foreign automation technology, and  provide sincere service to customers who have more needs for automation upgrades.

Tel:+86 18010735257 (Mr. Zhang)

Address:No.96,Wanchun East  Road,Jiujiang Economic Development District,Wuhu,Anhui,China

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