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Insurance and housing fund, project bonus, year-end bonus, annual salary adjustment, equity incentive, paid annual leave, government talent subsidy, low-interest loan for purchase, car discount, foreign training, public study, youth apartment, free commuter car, free working meal, Holiday benefits, team travel, employee medical check-ups, birthday gifts, holiday gifts, etc., more benefits, waiting for you to pick~

EFORT Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
Aggressive EFORT
  • 01 Pre-job Training
    new employee induction training
  • 02 Skills Training
    professional skills training
  • 03 Vocational Training
    professional manager training
  • 04 Overseas Training
    cross-cultural training
  • 05 Online Iearning
    online learning platform 

Pre-job training

Skills Training

Vocational Training

Overseas Training

Overseas training

EFORT Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
Colorful EFORT
2020 Annual Meeting ——Change·Rong·CreationThe silver pig is old from today, and the golden rat announces good news at this time. I am grateful for 2019, cherish all encounters, cherish 2020, and wish all the best.
2019 Annual Meeting ——change, integration, and focus
2019 Annual Meeting - outstanding staff  Awards Ceremony
Team-building activities
Team-building activities
Team-building activities
Badminton competition 
Red Education Activities for the Seventh Party Members 
Children's Day 
The second EFORT basketball competition

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