The BRIC Competition Shining in Qingdao
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"BRICs national skill development and technological innovation competition" is the competition organized by the BRICs national industry and Commerce Council skills development working group. The aim is to promote the development of the BRIC countries and technical exchanges, to implement the spirit of the memorandum of cooperation memorandum on Talent Development Co signed by the BRIC countries, and to build a regional and BRIC country. At the same time, the international cooperation platform of professional skills development, engineering ability training and intelligent technology innovation can also provide a high level of learning and communication opportunities for high quality skills and technical talents of the BRIC countries through the way of race training.

Beijing Institute of scientific research and research, Tianjin Bono robot technology limited, Qingdao West Coast Advanced Vocational and technical school, aft intelligent equipment Limited by Share Ltd and Beijing Jia Ke Emerging Technology Co., Ltd. jointly undertake the BRICs technical development and technology innovation competition - industrial robot adjustment dimension The final of the technical skills competition.

Industrial robot assembly and maintenance technical skills competition finals notice

Organization unit

Policy guidance unit:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China

Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China

State state state assets supervision and Management Committee of the State Council

Host unit:

BRICs National Council for Industry and Commerce (BRICS BC)

Joint sponsor:

BRICs technology development and Technology Innovation Competition Organizing Committee

One road and the International Alliance for the development of the BRIC countries (IASDBR)


BRICs National Council for Industry and Commerce skills development working group

Joint undertaking unit:

Beijing Institute of research and Research on science and technology

Tianjin Bono Robot Technology Co., Ltd.

Qingdao West Coast New Area advanced vocational and technical school

Eft intelligent equipment Limited by Share Ltd

Beijing Jia Ke New Technology Co., Ltd.

Two. The time and place of the final

Competition time:

1. international player reporting time: July 13, 2018

2. domestic players reporting time: July 14, 2018

3. opening and competition time: 15-16 July 2018

4. closing time: July 17, 2018 morning

Competition site:

Qingdao West Coast New District Vocational Technical School (No. 799 Yin Zhu 2 Road, Qingdao West Coast New Area)

Three, reporting arrangements and matters of attention

International gathering time: July 13, 2018

The time of centralization in China: July 14, 2018 9:00-12:00

Location: Qingdao airport, Qingdao north railway station, QingDao Railway Station.

The head of the teacher's pick up station in the national competition: Wang Guigang 13963977556

During the finals, the Organizing Committee will not charge any fees to the participating teams. Transportation, accommodation and catering during the competition and the competition will be arranged in a unified manner at its own expense.

Four, commendation and reward

The 1. industrial robot adjustment and maintenance competition final set up a group award, based on the actual competition team results of the competition, set up the first prize of 10%, the winning two and other two, 20%, three and other winners.  Awarded trophies, medals and honorary certificates respectively.

The 2. industrial robot international selection competition group award is set up, based on the actual competition team performance, the first prize is 20%, the two prize is 30%, and the three prize is 50%. Honorary certificates are issued respectively according to the award-winning grade.

3. a team that won the first prize of the winning first prize and the first prize of the international selection competition in China is recommended to compete in the world skill passport competition of the area one road and the BRIC national skill development and technological innovation competition.

4. teachers who won the first prize were awarded the excellent teachers' guidance certificates.

5. there are several best organization award, excellent organization award and competition support award in this contest. Awarding medals and certificates by category.

Finally, I wish you all the best results in the finals. Do not report to the little friends, pay attention to check the news, take the time to act.

The competition, "the 2018 area and the BRICs skills development and technological innovation competition", has been strongly supported by the Chinese government and the BRICs countries. It is an international comprehensive skill competition sponsored by the intergovernmental international organization, the BRICs National Council for Industry and commerce. The competition is carried out on the basis of fully implementing the related spirit of the cooperation memorandum signed jointly by the BRICs countries. It will build a platform for Chinese enterprises to practice the national policy and go out strategy, set up the talent selection channel for the BRIC countries and enhance the ability of training talents, and promote the five gold brick homes and the "one road area" application and promotion of intelligent manufacturing technology.

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