Jingdong Teamed Up With EFORT to Accelerate the Intelligent Empowerment of Unmanned Warehouses
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Promote the construction of smart logistics system with technological innovation and continuously promote the development of intelligent manufacturing industry.

On June 12, Jingdong Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with EFORT Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., and both parties will play their respective advantages and cooperate on technological innovation and customized production such as intelligent unmanned warehouse AGV and industrial robots to jointly expand electricity. The logistics automation and intelligent manufacturing markets of the business, 3C, fast moving consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and other industries accelerate the development, production and application of smart logistics equipment.


The two sides will also jointly explore the cutting-edge technologies such as shared factories and cloud robots, create an intelligent manufacturing base integrating production, education and research, and carry out in-depth cooperation on intelligent manufacturing personnel training and industry standards development.


Xu Lijin, Chairman and General Manager of EFORT Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Zeng Hui, Deputy General Manager and General Manager of Marketing Center, Zhu Xiaopeng, Sales Director of Marketing Center, Xiao Jun, Vice President of JD Group, and X Division, President of X Business Unit Li Li, senior director of Rencang and general manager of Tianjin Company, attended the signing ceremony.

EFORT Group and Jingdong Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement


Improve automation efficiency and external empowerment, and cultivate intelligent manufacturing talents


As a leading technology-driven enterprise and retail infrastructure service provider in China, JD.com is committed to promoting the improvement of production efficiency and innovation in all walks of life. In the process of realizing the future of “Unbounded Retail” and the future of “Building Blocks”, it is implied. Huge intelligent upgrade requirements. In the field of smart logistics, Jingdong has built a smart logistics system consisting of drones, unmanned vehicles and unmanned warehouses. Through continuous innovation and external empowerment, Jingdong is actively promoting intelligent robots in smart logistics scenarios. Scaled application.


EFFORT is one of the largest industrial robots and cross-industry integrated solution manufacturers in China. After more than ten years of development, it has formed a whole industrial chain from the core components of robots to the whole machine to the high-end system integration of robots. Synergistic development pattern. Under the background of China's comprehensive intellectual upgrade, Eft is actively deploying forward-looking technologies such as artificial intelligence to seize the next-generation robot track, and work with regional + industry partners to provide global customers with cross-industry intelligent manufacturing solutions.


In order to speed up the automation rate of Jingdong warehousing, the two sides will carry out a strong alliance around Jingdong warehousing and logistics scene, and carry out in-depth cooperation in technological innovation and customized production such as AGV and industrial robots, and jointly carry out research and development of cutting-edge technologies such as shared factories and cloud robots. To give full play to the synergy between the two parties and promote the further development of Jingdong Smart Logistics.


Focusing on the needs of enterprises, the two sides will jointly expand the logistics automation and intelligent manufacturing markets of e-commerce, 3C, fast-moving consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and other industries, complement each other with advantages and complement each other, and gradually cover more industries to form a “commercial enterprise”. A new situation of synergy development in the future of wisdom and win-win.


In addition, in order to promote the scale of intelligent manufacturing equipment and the improvement of industry application level, JD will cooperate with EFFORT to create an intelligent manufacturing base integrating production, education and research, and integrate resources such as universities, research institutes and vocational colleges. Accelerate the training and cooperation of technical talents, build a one-stop training platform including skills training, vocational education, and employment positions, participate in the formulation of relevant industry standards, and deliver intelligent manufacturing basic talents in batches to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing in China.


Summarize and personalize at the same time, so that "China's wisdom" is more core competitiveness


With the continuous upgrading of consumption, industrial upgrading and technology upgrade, it is necessary to promote the intelligentization of logistics scenes such as warehousing and distribution through the large-scale application of intelligent robots. At the 618 JD CUBE conference held recently, Jingdong said that it will quickly realize the goal of the world's top five intelligent and innovative enterprises in terms of robot production value, R&D and application scale within three years, and expand the service space of intelligent equipment in the era of unbounded retail. Improve social efficiency.


Jingdong unmanned warehouse is an important part of the intelligent logistics system. At present, in the world's first full-process unmanned warehouse, Jingdong's self-developed and integrated unmanned warehouse intelligent control system has realized warehouse management, control, sorting and distribution information system. Integrated control. As the industry leader, Jingdong announced the unmanned warehouse standard for the first time in May this year. While satisfying the continuous development of Jingdong business and continuously deploying intelligent robots to more warehouses, Jingdong Unmanned Warehouse is fully empowering the industry to meet the wisdom of logistics systems in various industries and the efficient, precise and personalized logistics services. demand.


Jingdong and EFORT have reached a strategic cooperation to promote the scale and individualization of technological innovation at the same time. While meeting their own needs, they have also become an important step for the external empowerment to drive the intelligent manufacturing industry forward. Adhering to an open and shared attitude, JD.com will cooperate with more domestic and foreign companies in technology research and development and application promotion to jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry, improve efficiency, reduce costs and optimize user experience through the application of smart devices. Becoming a pillar of smart logistics, and making China's smart manufacturing more core competitiveness.

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